Windeye Sensor

The Group’s key product is the WindEye™ Sensor, which measures wind direction and wind speed by scanning a laser beam ahead of the wind turbine. The WindEye™ Sensor was designed for the general optimization of wind turbines.

Based on the Group’s testing, it has proven possible for the WindEye™ Sensor to increase the power output of a wind turbine by approximately one to three per cent and further reduce strain on vital components of the wind turbine. The WindEye™ Sensor has been designed to have a multi-year lifecycle with limited maintenance other than the replacement of the light source every two years. Due to the use of a semi-conductor laser, the Directors believe that the Company is able to offer the WindEye™ Sensor at a lower cost compared to competing products whilst still retaining an attractive margin.

The Directors believe that the WindEye™ Sensor can be differentiated from comparable products currently available on the market by its lower price and durability, which typically enables the Company to provide its customers with a return on investment within one to four years.

The Group has been granted a patent for the use of a semi-conductor laser in a LIDAR wind sensor in the USA and Russia with applications filed and pending in the EU, India, China and Japan. The Group has also been notified of the approval for grant of a patent in the EU.

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