Background to Windar Photonics


The origin of the WindEyeTM Sensor lies in the development of a LiDAR wind sensor which accurately measures wind speed and direction at a lower cost than competing LiDAR wind sensors. In 2002, Jørgen Korsgaard Jensen, the present Chief Operating Officer, founded OPDI Technologies to work in conjunction with the Technical University of Denmark (“DTU”)
to commercially exploit certain optical technologies. 


This progressed in 2006 with the start of a LiDAR wind sensor development project, the technology of which is now owned by the Group. OPDI Technologies and the DTU conducted extensive testing and proof of concept work on this LiDAR technology. In 2008, the shareholders of OPDI Technologies formed Windar Photonics A/S, which was granted the exclusive licence to this LiDAR wind sensor technology by the DTU, including the combination of using a low cost semi-conductor light source in a LiDAR wind sensor. In 2011, Windar Photonics A/S acquired DTU’s intellectual property rights relating to the LiDAR wind sensor development project in consideration of ordinary shares issued by Windar Photonics A/S to DTU.
At that time, Windar Photonics A/S raised further funds from seed investors and its shareholders. Since then, a team of experienced staff has been working to develop and commercialize the LiDAR wind sensor.


The Group has its headquarters in the UK with the business primarily being operated by Windar Photonics A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The Group also has sales representation in USA, Canada, Europe and China. The Group currently employs 26 people.


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